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We help clients within the United States and other English speaking countries throughout the world. We specialize in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (Pay Per Click Management & Advertising), Digital Marketing Strategy, Marketing Consulting, Web Development Services, Web Design Services, eLearning Systems, Employee Onboarding & Online Training Systems, and Online Content Development.

We offer solutions to our clients which are custom-tailored to suit their respective goals, vision and mission. We are experts with the most advanced technical skills and state-of-the-art software for helping companies, organizations and businesses with their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and their organization's Web & User Experience (UX/UI).

Digital Marketing Company enjoys helping clients achieve real results by focusing on the development and integration of the right software systems, designing their websites to match their brand while promoting their companies online via search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

Our Current Projects & Company History

FindADentistNearMe.net was founded by Michael Aaron Loftus, a young entrepreneur, from Annapolis MD. He is building a network of all of the dentists within the United States of America to help prospective dental clients find their ideal match for a dentist.

The website acts as a search engine of dentists and allows users to find the type of dentist necessary for their case that is close within proximity to their respective location. Furthermore, the website allows users to have more than one option while choosing a dentist and a dental practice.

Dentists ought to claim their profile upon FindADentistNearMe.net because once the entire state of Maryland’s dentists are added to the network, our company, founded by Michael Aaron Loftus, Digital Marketing Company (marketing.cool), will begin advertising the network upon Google.com and Bing.com.

Dentists may choose to keep their dentist profile by paying $39 per month for the standard plan or $49 per month for the premium plan. The premium plan makes the dentist's profile a featured profile and enables more features such as messaging and chat. Once a dentist or dental practice is contacted by marketing.cool, the dentists have one month to pay for and claim their respective profile, otherwise their profile will be disabled.

We are confident that our advertising of FindADentistNearMe.net upon Google.com and Bing.com will bring a lot of traffic. Our plan is to only advertise the network within locations where we have established dentists’ profiles. We have access to a database of every single licensed dentist within the United States of America.

Given that the cost of advertisement will be high, we are going to dedicate at least 40% of our revenues toward advertising expenses via search engine marketing (Pay Per Click Advertising).

If you’re a dentist, don’t let the opportunity of being one of the first dentists upon FindADentistNearMe.net to slip away. Michael Loftus is a young entrepreneur running a startup company called Digital Marketing Company and needs your support to make the network a success.

marketing.cool has also launched DentistDentalMarketing.com to reach out to dentists and dental practices to offer search engine optimization (SEO) services and Pay Per Click Advertising Management services to dentists and their respective dental practices.

Digital Marketing Company (marketing,cool) will audit your website and discover all of the issues that need to be addressed to improve your search engine optimization. Moreover, we have software that will track your website’s ranking for particular keywords and keyphrases.

Additionally, we have software that discovers your competitors’ websites to uncover new backlink opportunities for the purpose of boosting your respective website’s PageRank. DentistDentalMarketing.com specializes in marketing dental practices. We have the software, the tools, the experience, and unparalleled high-quality writing abilities to provide your dental practice with the best search engine optimization services.

We have access to what your prospective clients are typing into major search engines such as Google.com and Bing.com. What matters is that your dental practice appears within the top of search engine results pages upon Google.com and Bing.com.

First, to appear upon the search engine results page for a particular keyword or keyphrase, you must have that text within your respective website. Most of your prospective clients are searching for the type of dentist that they need plus the town in which they are located. The other perspective clients search for “dentist near me”. Because “dentist near me” is searched upon Google.com on average 915,000 times per month and 1,508,000 times per month during its peak, we have engineered an interactive online directory and powerful search engine of dentists called FindADentistNearMe.net.

Our founder, a young entrepreneur, named Michael Aaron Loftus plans to build Find A Dentist Near Me within Maryland and then expand to other states throughout the United States of America. Michael Aaron Loftus is the author of Guaranteed Weight Loss: Diet, Exercise & Medication and has been an entrepreneur all of his life.

Michael's first company was founded in 2007 and was a startup company called NOTIFYi, Incorporated. NOTIFYi.com was a software as a service company running an application built upon Ruby on Rails. The software application empowered businesses and organizations to send mass text messages to large groups of people and selected groups of people nearly instantaneously. Unfortunately, as a young entrepreneur, the software as a service application was attacked online by an unknown nefarious organization and NOTIFYi was closed.

After gaining a ton of experience running a software company, Michael Loftus moved on to distribute electronic breathalyzers online to prevent drunk driving and to save lives via breathalyze.com. His business turned out to be very successful seasonally and was a success from November of 2008 until February of 2009. After selling breathalyzers within every state within the United States of America, and countries such as Canada and Latvia, Michael decided to focus his attention upon helping other small businesses with their respective web presence, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, ecommerce, web design, web development.

In 2012, Michael Aaron Loftus founded Web Development Corporation (WebDevelopment.tv) and quickly had revenue of over $65,000 withint the first three months and a team of an assistant and a brand ambassador.

The company was successful and helped and helped many small businesses and organizations within Maryland and Washington D.C..

Michael has gained an immense amount of experience in web development, web design, search engine optimization, and search engine marketing.

An example of a search engine optimization client that has seen great success is Earth River Geothermal Heating & Cooling. Earth River Geothermal’s website traffic has skyrocketed to receiving 2,540 clicks per month through their Google.com profile with 162,000 impressions. The website https://EarthRiverGeothermal.com receives on average 200 unique users per day and a ton of leads to potential clientèle. In 2010, the website was receiving not very much website traffic at all.

Michael has partnered his business Digital Marketing Company (marketing.cool) with Google, GoDaddy, Amazon, Microsoft, Shopify, GeoTrust, Authorize.net & Truist to provide clients with the best services possible!

We Are Passionate About Helping Our Clients

Our digital marketing work speaks for itself. Our Search Engine Optimized Copywriting serves to attract more website traffic online and it can be used in the publication of literature or advertisements offline or within the news media (Search Engine Optimized Press Release). marketing.cool delivers outstanding custom-tailored service to each and every one of our clients — big or small.

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